The Power of Empathy


Too often in marketing, we tend to overcomplicate things as we seek to understand what makes our customers tick. After all, our job is to connect with an audience in an impactful, impassioned way.

The first step in creating those bonds is to put yourselves in your clients’ shoes, and truly understand the challenges they face, the factors they consider – and channel that into empathetic marketing campaigns.

I think about what evokes a response from ME as an audience member?

It can be something surprising, or counterintuitive; it can be a humorous (but tasteful) spin on a situation I can relate to; maybe it’s a touching moment that reminds me my childhood? Perhaps, it’s a scene of a community banding together to effect change?

All of these are examples of how empathy dictates emotions and actions.

If I’m moved by a particular marketing campaign, then my peers will most likely be drawn to it as well. This is how audiences are created and expanded, and it all starts by tapping into your vast empathic reserves.

Now that you’ve channeled your own inner voice, it’s time to listen to those around you. Like I said in my previous blog, listening is the most valuable market research imaginable.

Every day, we participate in a narrative that unfolds on our personal feed. We feel, we connect and we are motivated to get involved. These are the building blocks of any great marketing campaign.

We’re all human. We all have feelings. By tapping into how others are likely to perceive your message, you can build more successful campaigns.